Embedded Systems Training

Viometrix invests significant time and effort into developing focussed courses related to embedded systems.  The founders of Viometrix have in the past lectured as part of academic (graduate) and professional (industry) courses about embedded systems technology at Nanyang Technological University (Singapore).

If desired by the client, Viometrix courses and workshops are included as part of technical consultancy. This helps clients better understand the tradeoffs involved in the designs that they are seeking and helps them take better, more-informed decisions.


At this stage, the following courses are available and can be customized for your needs:

In addition, other courses are being developed.  If you are looking for a specific course or would like the details of any of the above courses, please contact us.


Due to its large knowledge base and highly skilled technical team, Viometrix can prepare and deliver training courses about new and upcoming technologies. If required, the team at Viometrix can work with your company to create a professional course about the technologies and products offered by you.  Please contact us for more details.