Business Consulting

Viometrix can help small and medium-sized companies to achieve their ambitions of growth by providing them with state-of-the-art business services.  This lets technology teams focus on product and technology development, while Viometrix helps identify appropriate technology and channel partners, and helps with active business development.

Business services from Viometrix include the following:

Business Case Development

For companies, individuals or research institutes with intellectual property (IP) in embedded systems, biometrics, and related areas, Viometrix can aid with the business case development. Viometrix can either develop the case by itself or work with the inventors.

Venture or Seed Funding

Viometrix is not an investor.  However, Viometrix has access to investors who can be approached if Viometrix identifies a suitable technology. In any case, Viometrix can aid in the search for early stage or second round funding this may be organized through private investors, venture capital companies or through government enterprise development initiatives.

Technology Context Placement

To actually understand the impact of new technology, it is important to place it in context. Viometrix can help young companies and research institutes identify competitors, strengths and weaknesses in the technology proposition, based on the current and upcoming technological landscape.

Active Business Development

Viometrix can help companies identify alternative platforms and mechanisms to derive the maximum from their technology.  On behalf of organizations with IP or solutions, Viometrix can carry out active business development, promoting the same technology to as many relevant people as possible.  Also, Viometrix will help identify passive revenue streams that the company can leverage on, without compromising their core IP.