Services for Investors/ VCs

Viometrix understands that the survival and growth of any industry sector is largely dependent on its ability to attract funds from suitable investors. It is also well known that investors are usually inundated with numerous proposals from entrepreneurs, seeking funding for their innovations.  Viometrix provides services to help discerning investors understand and evaluate the technologies presented to them (technical due diligence).  Also, to improve the chance of success, Viometrix provides Business Incubation services to maximize return on investment.

Technical Due Diligence

Viometrix understands the embedded systems landscape.  Investors and venture capitalist firms can leverage on Viometrix’s knowledge base to evaluate a potential investment target.  Viometrix, under an appropriate non-disclosure agreement (NDA), will help the investor evaluate a potential technology target with the aim of investment. Technology will be evaluated against the current state-of-the-art and also the technological landscape and ecosystem to calculate its impact.

Business Incubation

To maximize the potential of any investment, investors and venture capitalist firms can engage Viometrix to carry out business incubation for the company invested into. Business incubation is a combined package of technology and business consulting that greatly increases the chance of success for the company invested into, thereby increasing the potential return on investment for the investor.