Standards Activities

Local and global standards enable companies to develop solutions that can inter-operate and allow companies to compete globally.  However, standards development is a long and tedious process, requiring involvement over many months.  Also, the exercise is fruitful only if a company can quickly leverage on the standards and provide solutions.

It is also well understood that many small companies and research institutes may not have the resources to participate in standards activities on an ongoing basis.  Viometrix is currently involved in the development of certain standards in Singapore. In areas where Viometrix has representation in standards committees, Viometrix can help your company:

  • understand the direction that the standards are developing in
  • represent your interests at standards discussions.

Viometrix is also considering the idea of having mini-consortiums of users in specific strategic areas.  Viometrix would then work with and represent the entire community at the standards activities and discussions.

Viometrix works in Singapore with the following standards activities:

  • Biometrics: ISO/JTC1 SC37
  • Intelligent Transport Systems: ISO/TC204
  • Security and Privacy

Viometrix also closely follows other semi-formal technology standards activities, such as the T-Engine standard platform for the rapid development of real-time and embedded systems.