Technology Consulting & Services

At heart, Viometrix is a technology company with its knowledge base extending into related areas such as business and related standards. As a technology company, Viometrix can complement your development teams with insightful expertise and capability. Due to broad exposure in the area of embedded systems, Viometrix can you different technology services in the area of embedded systems.

Hardware & Software Selection

Early stages of development typically involve agonizing discussions about the selection of suitable platforms for deployment.  Due to broad exposure to the embedded systems industry, Viometrix can help you with quickly identifying suitable hardware and software components for your design.

Hardware Migration Services

In high-throughput systems, there is often the need to migrate software modules to hardware to achieve extra performance without sacrificing goals such as power consumption. Viometrix can carry out an algorithm-to-architecture translation to ease software bottlenecks and improve the productivity of the system. Solutions from Viometrix will run either on Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) or can be translated to ASIC if required.  Viometrix can also help with difficult issues such as hardware-software partitioning, especially when using soft-core processors, such as Altera NIOS, OpenRISC or Xilinx Microblaze.

Software Design & Consultancy

Software is at the heart of embedded systems.  Viometrix has exposure to different real-time operating systems and can leverage on its expertise to accelerate systems development. Viometrix can also help identify suitable software components and help you rapidly develop embedded systems solutions for your needs.

Product Line Consultancy

By leveraging on a platform-based approach, Viometrix can help you structure your projects so as to gain maximum economic benefit from a common development platform. Such a platform may be based on Embedded Linux, a proprietary RTOS or the T-Engine platform. Viometrix can also work with you to help you identify alternative products and solutions that can be based on the core IP.