Viometrix Private Limited is an embedded technologies company. Viometrix provides Technology Consultancy, Business Consulting, International Standards Liaison for emerging technologies, Technical Due Diligence for Intellectual Property, and Business Incubation Services to Investors and public or private companies.

Technology Consulting Viometrix provides technology consultancy to clients who are tackling challenging embedded systems projects. Viometrix can also provide extensive support to startup and established companies in the areas of embedded systems design.

Business Consulting Viometrix is committed to growing the embedded systems ecosystem. For companies (or research institutes) with IP in embedded systems, Viometrix provides services such as Business Incubation, Business Case Development, Business Development, and Market Analysis.  Viometrix can also help identify partners and alternative sources of passive revenue.

Design Services - Viometrix provides a vast array of embedded systems design services to meet even the most challenging design requirements.

Training - Viometrix conducts focussed training and workshop sessions in topics relating to embedded systems and emerging technologies. Viometrix can also create specific courses about new and upcoming technologies, and can do complete development of courses about products and technologies offered by companies.

Standards Liaison Viometrix is actively involved in standards committees in Singapore.  By maintaining a close link with rapidly evolving standards (in areas such as Security & Privacy, Biometrics, Intelligent Transport Systems, etc.), Viometrix tries to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Viometrix can represent the interests of companies at local and international standards working groups, and can also consult to companies on how to prepare for upcoming standards.

For Investors - For investors and venture capitalists, Viometrix provides Technical Due Diligence and Business Incubation services. Viometrix can evaluate the technical merit of a business proposition in the context of the current landscape and help identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and potential threats in a proposition.  Further, once an investor decides to go ahead with a proposition, Viometrix can aid the investor by providing business incubation services to the company invested into. Business incubation involves all the ideas discussed above.

Emerging Technologies The founders of Viometrix come from a strong research background in embedded systems design and development.  Viometrix tries to stay at the forefront of research in embedded systems and maintains close links with relevant research institutes. Viometrix is staying ahead of the curve in emerging areas, such as biometrics and ubiquitous computing.

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